Why should you use a plastic surgery consultant?

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Why should you use a plastic surgery consultant?

If you are considering plastic surgery but not sure which doctor to go to, or are afraid of the decisions you may have to make. Then you are not alone.

Employing the services of a plastic surgery consultant is a FAST growing trend.

They advise on every aspect of a procedure. How to achieve the way you want to look.

They have either worked for plastic surgeons or cosmetic doctors, seen the actual procedures in operating theatres, or had cosmetic surgery themselves. Sometimes all three!

They advise on:

Different types of surgical approach for a procedure.

The varying costs.

Estimated recovery period.

How to minimise down time.

The different types of  anesthesia, used.

Because cosmetic surgery is “Elective” you have a lot to think about. It can be extremely stressful.

If you have a plastic surgery consultant. You are no longer on your own!

FACT – Most plastic surgeons are men and most patients are women.

How many plastic surgeons have actually had these procedures? Very few!

A plastic surgery consultant can advise you on:

What to tell your family and friends, or recommend where to buy bras following breast surgery.

Where to buy the best cover-up make-up.

Different types of surgical approach for a procedure.

The varying costs.

Estimated recovery period.

How to minimise the down time.

The different types of  anesthesia, used.

Also; how to avoid / reduce bruising and swelling.

There is a lot of information that you just do not receive from a surgeon.

A Plastic surgery consultant also knows who the best surgeons and cosmetic doctors are and which cities and countries they are in.

They also know which plastic surgeon is good at what!

Plastic surgeons are all qualified to perform many different types of surgery, but one may be better with faces and than bodies.

That is something to think about!

Prices for my consultation is $110.00 for one hour.

Some consultations only take 15 minutes so the cost is only

$ 27.00.

This small investment can save you thousands of dollars spent going to the wrong surgeon, or worse, having to have the procedure corrected.

the advantages of a counsultation with a plastic surgery consultant

I met with a lady who underwent breast augmentation about six months ago.

She had consulted with a few plastic surgeons and told them she wanted her breasts “Bigger”

She had a 3D imaging with them and said she was happy with the anticipated result.

A few weeks after the procedure she began to have serious doubts. She was not happy at all.

It was not what she had asked for but she did not want to go back to the same surgeon and complain.

I agreed with her that the implants were far too big for her frame and were out of proportion with the rest of her body.

She showed me her before and after pics.

The outline of the implants could be plainly seen through her skin and were placed very low.

Previously her breasts had been a few cup sizes smaller, but higher and a completely different shape.

She also complained that they did not move with her body and looked like “Pears” and felt like “Rocks”

The plastic surgery aftercare was just one check up!

Where was the quality care?

She was very depressed and wanted the breast implants removed.

Why had she not been told more about the plastic surgery procedure and how she may feel afterwards?

She told me “If I had spoken to you about it I would have thought more about it and learned about the different types of implant and placement”

I meet and speak to many men and women who are looking for unbiased honest advice from someone who has worked with and undergone plastic surgery procedures, as well as discussing fillers and muscle relaxants.

I have seen a lot of botch plastic surgery jobs, so I do ask questions about what they want. More importantly why they want it?

Are their expectations realistic? Is it for themselves or for someone else?

I discuss just about every type of cosmetic surgery procedure, including face and eye lifts, neck lifts, nose jobs, breast surgery and body contouring.

If the motivation is right and the expectations are realistic I will assist them in finding the right doctor or plastic surgeon who can give them what they desire.

I do not receive any money from the doctors and plastic surgeons I refer to.

Just my consultation fee from the client.

I ensure that after speaking with me people are clearer in their goals.

If they want to proceed then they are confident that they are going to see the “Right” surgeon.

It makes me very happy to have been told I have saved a few people from making the wrong decisions!