The difference between Facial Muscle Relaxants

The difference between Facial Muscle Relaxants

Are your facial muscle relaxant injections not taking affect? Do you get enough units?There are three main brands of facial muscle relaxants.

Is there a difference? Yes, there is. Anti wrinkle injections are not all the same.


I receive a lot of inquiries asking me where people can go to get great results from anti wrinkle treatments, without it hitting their pockets too hard.

They have complained that they have had some areas of their faces frozen. Had muscle relaxant injections in the wrong place. Some people have said that the injections have had no effect at all!

Due to Australian Law I can’t mention the official brand names here, but I can when I speak to you.

Advertisements for therapeutic goods, in Australia, including those used in cosmetic services, must comply with the Therapeutic Goods Act. They cannot be advertised to consumers. This includes most injections for cosmetic use. It includes facial muscle relaxant injections.

I am sure there are good reasons for this, but I personally find it very irritating. When I travel it involves phoning around and finding out who actually keeps the brand that I use!

I have received information over the phone, from a clinic saying that they definitely kept the brand that I use. I made an appointment and asked for the injection of the facial muscle relaxant to be shown to me. It was not!

The clinic also charged a much higher a price per unit than the one given to me by a qualified Cosmetic Doctor!

I was told that it was exactly the same product in a different phial!

I have tried out all three brands of the different muscle relaxant injections.

What are the differences?

The manufacturing process is slightly different with all three.

Number One

The big name muscle relaxant,which we have all heard about was first promoted for cosmetic use in 2002.

It generally takes three to seven days to take full effect.

The effects normally last three to six months but as the muscle relaxant wears off, the muscle action gradually returns. Lines and wrinkles will begin to reappear. The lines and wrinkles often appear less severe over time, because the muscles are shrinking.

You can also choose to have the “Baby” version, of facial muscle relaxants, which specifically refers to ultra-targeted micro injections into certain areas.

This works well for people who don’t want to see lines, but who want to be able to move their muscles. It removes the static lines but avoids the “Frozen.” look.

Number Two

The FDA approved The second type of muscle relaxant in 2009. It takes effect faster. It has also been noted to “drift. This can cause unintentional relaxation of neighbouring muscles.

The first is different from the second one because it is more diluted than the first one. This means you’ll need more units if you use it. It also reacts differently once injected, spreading to a wider area, increasing the chances of an accidental droopy eyelid, while the first stays near its injection area.

The first two types of muscle relaxants are not interchangeable. These products are all dosed and injected differently.

Number three

The third which came out in 2010.

 A lot of people say that it is the slowest to take effect.

Being very wary of bargains advertised for the Facial muscle relaxants pays off, because you often get exactly what you pay for.

I have seen some clinics advertise to charge by the area injected.

If you go with this then you don’t really know how many units you’re actually getting.

Qualified cosmetic doctors who are good injectors, will treat you with the appropriate amount of units in each area. Less experienced injectors may not. They can charge you much less per area because you’re simply getting much less per area!

How skilled and experienced is the the person injecting? This is just as important as the number of units injected.

Too few units and you simply won’t get maximal results, or the results will not last.

Is your injector injecting you correctly?

We are all different and some people require a slightly different injection pattern.

If the injection doesn’t go where exactly where the it should go, it’s simply not going to work!

How do you make sure that what you are paying money for actually gives you the results that you want?

You should not be paying more than $ 12.00 per unit.

The simple answer

is that you go to a qualified and experienced injector who will give you a reasonable number of units of muscle relaxant in the correct injection points.

Until I tried out muscle relaxant injections I had no idea how effectively and naturally they can lift the face, without surgery and provide you with a lovely fresh youthful look.

The needles are very fine and it is comparable to a pin prick. It is nothing like a flu shot!

I will refer you to qualified experienced cosmetic doctors, who will listen to you, not charge exorbitant prices, evaluate you properly and ensure that you get the results you desire.