This is a completely private and confidential service to inform and assist people, who are interested in plastic surgery procedures in Australia or overseas

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Are you looking to simply freshen up and regain a more youthful appearance?

Maybe you are considering something more specialized?

You have come to the right place!

I can assist you with information on plastic surgery, no matter which country you live in!

From me, you can obtain current information on plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures.

These are right up-to-date. They will help you to achieve your desired appearance.

My service provides information that people want to know before seeing a specialist about cosmetic surgery and helping them find the right plastic surgeon

This is for people who want to be fully aware and afraid of botch jobs.

They want some thoroughly in-depth information. Before taking the next step. They want to know who the best people to go to are!

There are numerous websites, often with conflicting information on cosmetic and plastic surgery.

This makes it confusing. It is very difficult for people to make informed choices.

Plastic surgeons’ fees in Australia are not regulated .

It is quite possible to receive one quote which can be double the cost of another in the same area.

Likewise; consultation fees with Plastic surgeons also vary considerably.

There is also a lot of information I can provide  that is not made readily available to you.

I can provide a great deal of insight.

I have worked for plastic surgeons.

From actually seeing plastic surgery procedures in operating theatres.

I go through the complete process of procedures, from start to finish and thereafter.

I’ll fill you in on the average time in an operating theatre.

Advise you of the average downtime and the likely extent of any possible swelling and bruising. .

I can also provide approximate costs and if any rebates may be applicable.

Speak to me before booking an appointment to see a fully qualified cosmetic doctor or plastic surgeon.

I provide honest, very straightforward information. People are often not told about plastic surgery.

I can answer questions from a patient perspective on many different procedures.

When the “Hope in a tube” ceases to “Do the job” people often look for alternatives. There are a wealth of choices out there!

Please do not decide to have a cosmetic procedure just because someone has suggested it to you.

Plastic surgery is not like make-up.

It is very real and permanent. You must take it very seriously and decide it, very accurately.

I am available for private and completely confidential one-to-ones via face to face or via email or phone.

Also; via Skype, if you are interstate or overseas.

Contact me today to find out more!

I have no doubt that my personal experience will prove to be extremely valuable to you!