Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty? What is the difference?

Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty? What is the difference?

They are both nose procedures, but Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty are not performed for the same reasons. There are differences between the two operations.


Can reshape your nose to change it’s size, correct symmetry and shape. It is a cosmetic procedure.


Performed to straighten the septum inside the nose to improve breathing issues. It is not a cosmetic procedure. So , Rhinoplasty fixes the look and Septoplasty fixes the breathing. You can have both procedures performed at the same time. This is called a Septorhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty one of the most popular plastic surgery operations. What is the reason you want one? Is your nose too long, too wide or is the bridge too flat? Do you think it is too wide or too long for your face? This procedure will not make you look any different. You will still be “You” but a much more attractive version. It can do wonders for your self confidence. A nose is not a big part of the body. Unless it is only a small adjustment is being made, the rhinoplasty procedure is usually quite complex for a surgeon.. The reason for this is that making one change to the shape of a nose affects another aspect. This operation is often several little procedures performed at the same time. This is quite challenging for a plastic surgeon. If it is not done correctly, your breathing can be affected.

Closed rhinoplasty

No incisions made under or at the side of the nose. Quick recovery.
Open Rhinoplasty
This is the preferred approach for some surgeons. It is not ideal for a patient as it takes a lot longer to heal. If undergoing a revision rhinoplasty it can be better as it gives the surgeon a much better view of the underlying structure. I was born with a small face and a larger than average middle eastern nose. Bullied all the way through my school days but I only had my first nose job long after I’d long qualified. Despite the plastic surgeon who performed my “closed” operation being fairly well renowned and double board certified. (He was an ENT and a plastic surgeon), I still ended up with a botch job. Before I had my first nose job I could breath properly but after it, I couldn’t! What disappointed me even more was that he had not made it narrower or shorter. He had filed the hump down but it actually looked wider than it had previously! It was a total waste of money. I waited a few years before having a revision nose job, but obviously with a different plastic surgeon! The second procedure definitely improved my breathing, but my nose really wasn’t much different to look at, apart from some expertly placed defining lines on each side of the bridge, created by some first class placing of internal stitches. It still was not what I paid for and said I wanted. My breathing was not 100%. My nose remained too long and too wide. I knew that my expectations had not been unrealistic. Thankfully rhinoplasty surgery has advanced considerably over the past 20 – 30 years. As I could now breath a bit better and the hump was no longer there, I was just totally “Over it all” I didn’t think about having another nose job for several more years. By this time I had seen a large number of rhinoplasty procedures in theatre. I also met the patients before and after the operations and also spoke with quite few qualified plastic surgeons that I worked with. I then moved to Australia. Two and half years ago, I consulted with several plastic surgeons regarding a revision rhinoplasty. I found a double board certified plastic surgeon who was extremely pleasant to talk to and he listened. I am sure I came across as being overly emphatic, but he acknowledged the issues. After my previous experiences I really wanted to be certain that we were on the same page. I wanted this to be the last time. I had a sinus and CT scan, 3D images and discussed everything in great detail with the surgeon. It was to be performed by the “Open” method and estimated to be a 3,5 hour operation. BUT, whoever you go to, and no matter how good plastic surgeons are. There is always a risk and there are never any guarantees in surgery. When the plaster came off, I was horrified! There was no difference at all! I have seen a large amount of rhinoplasty “Reveals” and I know that you normally see a difference immediately the plaster comes off, although there is some swelling. In addition; I now had a retracted columella, which I had not had previously. This made my nose look “Droopy” and it was very unattractive! I really thought this operation would fix everything!!! So, six months later I went back to have this corrected. The surgeon did not charge for his fee, but I still had to pay the anaesthetist and hospital fee, again. This was a much shorter procedure, but I still had to go through the same recovery period again. I have never found a rhinoplasty to be painful, but the nurse who took my sutures out, did not gently lift the stitches with forceps and cut them scissors. She lifted the stitches and then hacked at them with a blade, which caused me tremendous pain. The local injection spray she used had no effect at all and they didn’t even keep gas in the rooms to take the edge off! I must say that the stitch work under the nose was first class. You cannot see any scars from the tiny stitches at all. Although, even after one and half years it is still a bit swollen in the mornings and it may be so for another year. Patient after care should be as important as the surgery. I have spent years talking to patients who have undergone various types of this procedure and carefully noted all the feedback and concerns. I will refer you to the best specialist plastic surgeon in your country, for your rhinoplasty procedure so that you do not have a bad experience. You will obtain the result you really desire!