About me

an experienced plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery consultant

I am an experienced plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery consultant who will provide you with honest, highly detailed information that will assist you in achieving “Your Desired Effects.”

how it all started

After a botched nose job. I was feeling very upset and disappointed.

I didn’t ask l enough questions and had just relied on the information that the plastic surgeon gave to me. This was not enough!!!

I should have spoken to people who had actually undergone the procedure.

He did little more that just filing down the hump on the bridge of my nose!

After the procedure I could no longer breath properly. I had also wasted a lot of money.

Knowing I would need another operation, I decided to do some research on cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.

I developed a deep interest in plastic surgery and commenced studying medicine.

Finding plastic surgeons who were very well experienced in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, was not easy.

Remaining very interested in learning more and I started working for a specialist plastic surgeon.

Firstly; as a patient records administrator / book-keeper and then as a patient care co-coordinator.

This was a truly wonderful experience for me.

On the front desk I was not only able to assist patients with their financial inquiries.

Now I was speaking to hundreds of people that had actually undergone plastic surgery procedures and learning a great deal from them too!

Their feedback very informative and totally different from speaking with a plastic surgeon.

This information was from a patient’s perspective. Each one had a different experience to tell.

The plastic surgeons I have worked for have emphasized the human side of surgery.

I really enjoyed working for them and providing first class after care to patients.

They were not just absolutely brilliant but also possessed a natural artistic flair. This contributed to some really amazing results!

The patients were always very fully informed.They always felt heard and understood. From the time the initial consultation was booked, right through to their follow-up after care.

Watching many procedures in operating theatres really teaches you a lot you would not normally know. so does working for plastic surgeons who are some of the very best in the world.

I finally became an experienced plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery advisor.

These specialist surgeons practice in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Turkey, Australia, the USA, Mexico and the Middle East.

I keep up to date with the latest techniques and procedures. These change and also become more advanced, all the time.

I am passionate about client care

This is my primary concern and I will relate genuine and completely honest experiences, to you.

I know I made the wrong choice with the wrong plastic surgeon once and don’t want you to do the same!

I am talking to people before and after their procedures and this helps me to recommend them to the right surgeons and doctors.

Finding the “Right” surgeon for surgery is imperative for a patient, but this is not  easy.

Do not risk a “Botch job”

I can answer all your questions, no matter where in the world you live.

You won’t not be disappointed with your results because I will find you the “Right” plastic surgeon.

Call, message or email me to make an appointment today!

Feel free to send me photos with your inquiry.

I look forward to assisting you.