Lip filling is an Art! Wake up to luscious lips!

Lip filling is an Art! Wake up to luscious lips!

Did you know that lips can age just as rapidly as the eye area? As you age lips can become thinner. Lip filling is an art that can fix this!

This is due to a decline in the production of collagen.

As you age the rate at which your body produces this extremely vital protein begins to slow.

The result can be quite dramatic.

By the time you are in your 20’s you lose collagen at a rate of about 1%-2% per year.

Lip filling is an art THAT can FIX this!

The back of your hands do not have oil and sweat glands and neither do your lips, so they can also dry out and crack. 

There is a lot of movement around the mouth area when we talk, kiss, eat, smoke and drink (especially through straws).

This movement, coupled with the lack of natural moisture causes the formation of vertical lines above the upper lip and sagging in this area.

Lipsticks do not hold firm lines and you get “feathering” Lip filling can also correct this.

Some people are born with thin lips and you can hardly see them, but they do suit some people.

Others are happy with the shape of their lips but would just like a bit more fullness added to the upper or lower lip. Lip filling is an art.

Most lip fillers are not permanent

Normally injected into the lips from the outside by injecting along the white line. This joins the lip to the skin.

From a side view you can often see the upper lip curl up very unnaturally.

Lip filling is an art. Compliments should be “Your lips look really great” and not “I can see that you have had lip filler”

I have seen a lot of women walking around that look like they have had their lips suctioned outwards.

While some may like this look, I personally favour the more natural effect of lip fillers.

Non permanent lip filler is a great way to see how your lips will look as it wears off. Permanent filler is great if you are certain you have achieved the look you really desire. When you are 100% satisfied that this is how you want your lips to look.Take a pic. Then let the filler wear off and then have a permanent filler.

This is not for people who like to change the way their lips look.

Filler injected from the inside of the mouth, where the interior smooth skin meets the outer skin of the lips really is an art, but the effect is the most natural I have ever seen.

It removes any superficial lines above the upper lip and there is never any lipstick bleed.

There are a few different makes of lip filler and cosmetic doctors often have a preference to which one they use.

Lip filling is an art.The qualifications and experience of the person injecting the lip filler is extremely important.

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