Hair transplant surgery – It is not just for the guys !!!

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Hair transplant surgery – It is not just for the guys !!!

Some women may think that hair transplant surgery is really a procedure for the guys, but this is not so! Hair transplants are also suitable for women.

A luxurious full head of hair has always been regarded as a sign of youth.

THIS IS not a gender specific procedure

Depending on the type of hair loss, it can be an option to restore hair to areas it has thinned. Due to a face or brow lift, or Traction Alopecia. (This is gradual hair loss, most commonly caused by frequently wearing hair tied back in a particularly tight ponytail).

Losing hair can certainly be embarrassing for men, but for women, it is nothing short of tragic, because for “Us girls”, our hair is a big part of our femininity.

When we start noticing excessive hair in our combs or brushes this can be very depressing.

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There are only a few qualified surgeons performing this type of surgery in Australia, only some of which are fully qualified.

Be wary of surgeons that use technicians to place the transplanted hair in to the recipient site. Only a surgeon should do this!!

Technicians should separate the hairs ready for the hair transplant and that is all they should be doing.

All over the world, and as with every specialty field, some hair transplant surgeons are really excellent, some are average, and some are sadly, below average.

Do they shave a large portion of your head? Is there scarring? Are there any bald patches after the procedure? Does hair grow back through the scars?

I have seen hair transplant surgery performed in Australia and overseas. I can tell you the difference in the way they operate, the costs and the results.

Do not rely on online reviews, which are not always genuine

Be sure you contact me for an appointment to obtain full information on the different hair transplant procedures. I can walk you through the operations from start to finish and beyond.

You can rely on me to fill you in on the two types of hair restoration procedures available. Exactly what they are like to undergo and the pros and cons of each. Most importantly, which hair restoration surgeons are really good at it!

I know which countries have very well experienced hair transplant surgeons, so before making an appointment with a hair transplant specialist please speak to me!

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