Face lift – Ever wondered if you should have one?


Face lift – Ever wondered if you should have one?

A Face lift can make 60 the new 40 and it could be the Dawning of a New Age! You can unveil a fresher, younger version of “You”. This could be the solution!

Is the skin on your face a bit slack?

For example; do you look notably younger when you lift the skin on the side of your face up?

A face lift

This is a plastic surgical procedure to create a younger appearance of your face.

A facial lift can remove sagging of folds of skin on the cheeks and jaw line which sadly appear as people age.

This is one type of surgery where I have seen some really amazing results, but some that are also not so good.

There are a few different types of face lift and different approaches to the surgery.

To name a few there are


Also known as the mini face lift

It is a facelift that helps to restore mild to moderate sagging jowls and tighten the cheek skin.

Mid face LIFT

Also known as a cheek lift. It addresses one of the earliest signs of aging. Namely; sagging of the cheeks and the surrounding area.


A lower facelift addresses some sagging skin on the neck and jawline. Treats wrinkles and can correct sagging corners of the mouth.

brow lift

A full brow or coronal lift one is a also known as a forehead lift. It raises the brows and improves the appearance of the forehead. A lateral brow lift, also known as a temporal lift. It mainly targets the outer eyebrows and outer corners of the eyes.

Full FACE lift

People often think that a full facelift treats the upper, mid and lower regions of the face.

Actually; the surgery usually treats the lower two-thirds of the face below the top of your ears.

An upper facelift ( brow lift), on the other hand, is a separate procedure as likewise is a neck lift.

Sometimes it is performed at the same time as a facelift.

revision FACE lift

A revision lift A revision, or secondary,lift is a procedure performed for the second time.

It could be due to further ageing as well as to correct a previous facelift procedure.

Skin only FACE lift

This is exactly what it says.

These are all permanent procedures, but they obviously will not prevent ageing.

They are generally expected to last about ten years.

It all depends on what look you want and the best way to balance your features.

The result of any type of cosmetic facial should be natural and make you look a fresher and younger version of you.

It can do wonders for your self esteem.

Almost every plastic surgeon professes to be the very best, but the results from seeing someone who has had one, face to face speaks for itself!

Please be wary of looking at online reviews.

Pics can easily be photo shopped.

I will find the best plastic surgeon for your face lift, in your area for your and country, to give you the results you really desire.

Please contact me to discuss, not only the different types of face lifts as well as the extent of scarring and how to minimise it.

Further; the expected pain level, swelling, expected results and recovery time.

Only you can decide if one would be right for you.