Are dental implants Cosmetic Dental Surgery?

Are dental implants Cosmetic Dental Surgery?

Dental Implants

Yes, they are. You could have dentures fitted to replace any missing teeth, but these is not the same. Dental Implants are permanent fixtures.

You can have one implant, a few or total replacement of your teeth.

They work in exactly the same way that natural teeth do, but there are many advantages to them:-

There are in three parts. The body, a metal post connector (abutment) and a porcelain crown.

Most commonly used for this procedure, is Titanium. It fuses the implant with the jawbone and remains firmly in place. It is perfect because it will not decay.

Prevents and corrects facial sagging and restores hollow cheeks.

Preserve the general structure of the mouth, by keeping the other teeth from moving out of their normal position.

You just do not get all these benefits with dentures!

following a PREVIOUS bad dental experience

My initial experience with a dentist, who professed to be a dental implant expert, but caused me to have two teeth extracted but they actually had no reason to be.

I also acquired a severe infection after he put powder bone into the socket where had extracted a tooth, without first performing an X-ray and this landed me in A & E.

Following this dreadfully painful experience, I found a genuine dental implant expert who was not recently qualified. He has many years experience in the procedure and a very high success rate. Not just with dental implants. Also very well experienced with cosmetic dental surgery. He found and removed broken roots, that he noted on the X-ray and I proceeded to have dental implant surgery with him. I can also highly recommend him.

I can only relate from my personal experience but I have found that dental implant reviews online are very controversial. There are some are pretty bad reviews.

I believe in being totally honest about the procedure. The procedure is not scary, but it is performed under local anaesthetic.

Dental Implant Consultation

Patients are not normally in pain when they go and have a consultation for implants, but they should be in good health.

The dental specialist will examine your teeth and gums. He will also take a 3D X-ray.

Patients are also asked questions about their health.

You explain to the dental specialist what you want and he will advise you of the best way to do it.

Dental implant surgery

This is is performed in several stages.

Is bone grafting required? Is so, it is performed some time before an implant is inserted because there must be adequate time for this to settle.

Once placed into the jaw bone the implant replaces the root of the missing tooth.

Contact me today to find out the complete process from start to finish!

You will soon be smiling again!