3D feather stroke microbladed brows – Get stunning!


3D feather stroke microbladed brows – Get stunning!

If you want to balance your face, frame and enhance your eyes, without using eye pencil then 3D feather stroke microbladed brows are the answer!

Until recently I hadn’t actually anyone who had this procedure done with results that really impressed me. I had only seen pics on the internet.

This procedure goes under many different names.

Eyebrow Microblading, micro stroking, semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing and many others.

3D feather stroke microbladed brows

The gaps in your eyebrows can be filled in

You can change the shape of your brows.

I have ladies contacting me saying that they have been to various cosmetic tattoing salons to have 3D feather stroke micro bladed brows and that it was a waste of time and money.

They all ask me the same question.

Where can I go for the best results for 3D feather stroke eyebrow microblading and not be overcharged?

They all want to know if it will suit them and what actually happens.

How long does it take? Does it hurt?

They don’t want to book an appointment without knowing the “Ins and “outs”

Some of the quotes were nearly $ 1,000. and were asked for a 50% deposit to be paid upfront!

One lady I met came to me with her brows badly infected.

They actually looked burned. She was in pain. They were was oozing and weeping.

The salon displayed three day course certificates. But; the experience and artistic insight were completely non-existent.

They refused to give her the money back and she had to see a doctor for treatment.

This was an example of a botched 3D feather stroke eyebrow microbladed procedure.

Another lady told me that she had phoned a few salons. They all told her that it took about three hours.

When she made an appointment it took just over an hour. The colour was far too light.

I saw a pic of the mark-up for the tattoo and her brows were about 1 centimetre higher than they were naturally. It made her look very startled.

The person doing the brows then lowered them.

The micoblading artist did apply local anaesthetic cream to the brows. However; it was only left on for about 20 minutes.

She felt every cut!

It is very important

to find a professional and well experienced cosmetic tattoing artist who has over 5 years experience in 3D feather stroke eyebrow micro blading.

They must have solid experience. There must be accurate colour matching, brow leveling and re-shaping.

The EYEBROW microblading results really must be totally amazing!

When you find “The right places” to go for 3D feather stroke micro bladed brows, there is nowhere else you would go to.
Knowing where to go to for excellent results, is the key.

Contact me today to find out how they really look and where you the very best results without breaking your budget!